Michelle Twohig
art to transform a room into a haven


A cheeky Paint horse tells his colorful story of the way he sees his world!


The Artful Dodger is a wonderful story about a horse who chooses just the right human and the amazing things they learn about and from each other. The photography is beautiful and illustrates the story perfectly. The author uses humor and heart while she teaches some valuable life lessons. I so enjoyed this book and cannot wait to share it with my students.
— ML LaRosa

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Stunning and captivating photography matched with a heart-warming tale with very clever story telling. Dodger and Michelle are meant to be partners. Wonderful book for yourself or a gift to a special friend or young child who loves horses.
— Reviewer of iPad version
The Artful Dodger is a book about a horse that got rescued and how his life was before and after. The book is full of meaning and love, from a horse’s perspective. I would recommend this book to people who love animals and horses. This book teaches you how horses have strong emotions and will care for you and will trust you. It also teaches you about how horses feel what you are feeling, think what you are thinking and how horses need caring and love for any horse to be happy.
— Amelia, age 10

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The perfect "coffee table storybook" for horse lovers of all ages! The Artful Dodger—the rescued, orphan Paint horse—has a creative way of seeing his world and doesn’t hesitate to share it! From plotting his escape to describing his idea of heaven, Dodger’s attitude, humor and heart are all part of the allure that comes with every horse: a one-of-a-kind spirit wrapped in breathtaking style, seeking peace and safety in relationship. The Artful Dodger Books combine captivating images with a horse’s heartwarming commentary to create a deeper empathy for all of our equine friends.

Dodger's introduction about tricking Michelle into rescuing him will give you a glimpse into his personality, then he'll take you on a tour of his world and how he views it, in ways you might never imagine!