Michelle Twohig
art of nature and horses to bring your happy place inside




I pick garden plants to show color in every season. A red twig dogwood was one I chose for its warm, bright color in winter and one winter put it through a particularly severe challenge. An ice storm wrapped and bent its twigs to the ground with the weight of ice three times their diameter. But it persevered to offer an inspiring gift, while many other plants snapped and fell apart. The twigs stayed bright and beautiful through heavy, transparent, sparkling robes, to magnify their brilliant color.  

Life gave it lemons and it reflected color and spirit with a perseverance much sweeter than lemonade. I use this piece in my home to visualize my ability to shine my brightest colors and spirit through my challenges.

This piece is a digital painting using brush strokes, available in my gallery in a variety of sizes and on a variety of products. I also offer canvases that are hand-embellished after printing with paint, showing texture, depth and a subtle iridescence on the snow. Please contact me if you're interested in an embellished canvas which I'll be happy to customize for you in size!