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I made my dream come true!

Hi, Dodger here. Remember the page called "peaceful" from my first book, with the picture of the mountain in it that I called horse heaven? Well, ever since I saw that mountain and all that grass, I wanted to live in a place like that. But I knew it was going to take some work...

First I had to get Michelle to want it as badly as I did. To do that, I had to send her a picture in her mind that she would like as much as I did. It was winter, so I put some snow on the mountain and pasture and waited for the light to be juuuuuuusst right. And you know what? The picture worked! 

I think if you really, really, REALLY want something, no matter how unlikely you think it might be, you should never stop thinking about it. Because once you decide what really matters to you, ideas and ways to get there just magically start appearing. Once your excitement builds, you'll see ways to tweak the dream a little as opportunities start showing up! Some days you might only get an inch closer to your dream—maybe with just a small detail. Other days, you might not move at all. But some days? You'll feel like you got a whole mile closer to it! The key is to just never, ever give up.

I sure didn't. And here I am, with my own barn and pasture just around the corner from where the picture in my book was taken. Because that was my dream. Wait 'til you read about the buddy I wanted (and got!) to share it with me because horses don't like to be alone! 

This is my new barn near my favorite mountain! The sunsets are the best!

This is my new barn near my favorite mountain! The sunsets are the best!

Meanwhile, if you have any questions for me please ask in the comments below because I would love to answer them!

Peace out, Dodger.