Michelle Twohig
art of nature and horses to bring your happy place inside


Create your on-demand happy place.


I created 10 Tips for Creating Your On-Demand Happy Place at Home (with 6 more ideas for work), which you can have for free just by emailing me. After creating my own peaceful home haven and seeing my friends' reactions to it, I'm pretty sure everyone could use one. Here's the story behind mine (shown above).

When I bought my house, the area shown in the photo above was just an open patio. The thick wall on the right was the exterior wall and came across where the eating bar is now, enclosing a galley kitchen that felt dark and lonely. Using Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration, I designed a room over the patio footprint to include my home haven—a custom daybed. I wanted a comfortable place where I could drink coffee, read, write, email, daydream, nap, draw, think, talk, laugh, drink wine and do it all over again. I stuffed the shelves with books that inspire me, knowing that an inspired me is a happy me!

There's a super long sliding glass door on the left, just out of the picture, that reveals a huge mountain (with mountain goats!). The books behind me cover all the subjects that make me think, laugh and grow mentally, spiritually and artistically. The shelf on the left is for my finished art to appear as inspiration for the next piece I want to create. Each piece of art becomes a focal point for all of my senses that takes me some place peaceful. 

So...where could you carve out some space in your home to inspire you and offer some solace? Let me share some ideas I've collected on Pinterest and Houzz. Take a look and share below what inspiration you found!