Michelle Twohig
cultivating stillness with art


Graphic/web designer turned artist.
Fly fisher turned horsewoman.
Always been in awe
and in love
with nature and horses.

Graphic/web designer turned artist.
Fly angler turned horsewoman.
Always been in awe
—and in love—
with art, horses and nature.

"Please, puhleeeze can we find some horses?" was my routine request when my family headed for the mountains each summer. Being with horses, surrounded by nature, was my happiest of all happy places. I would always look past the surface of a horse—right into his eyes—to check on his spirit. I savored every moment and lost all track of time—easy criteria for recognizing happy places to come.

Thirty years as a graphic and web designer required me to look below the surface of even the driest business subjects to find and reveal their attraction to others. I began to realize that my natural way of looking at anything was to find the transformational elements below the surface.

When I rescued an orphan horse, I entered the world of horse owners and those who can't live without them. I used a camera to capture images and a computer to transform them in artistic ways to emphasize the energies and expressions I saw. Horse owners were often surprised I caught a certain glance or energy in their horse that they thought others never saw. Others discovered a deeper level of beauty in what they would have otherwise seen as their horse needing to be groomed.  

I typically leave sweeping panoramas to other artists because nature's most amazing design elements for me are found in the details—a portion of a scene, a single species or just the curve of adjoining petals. Also, within her artful details, Nature shows me metaphors for the human experience.
I hope you find your happy place in my art or inspiration to create your own happy place art. Look for an energy, expression or metaphor for your own life experiences that touches you below the surface. That's the art that can turn a personal space in your home or office into your mindful happy place.

If you have a special request, I would love to hear from you.

TriMood Photography

TriMood Photography