Michelle Twohig
art of horses and nature to bring your happy place home


Graphic/web designer turned artist.
Fly fisher turned horsewoman.
Always been in awe
and in love
with nature and horses.

I'm an advocate for horses and nature through art and a children's book.



"Please, puhleeeze can we find some horses?" was my routine request when my family went on vacation. Being with horses, surrounded by mountains and trees, was my happiest of all happy places. I looked into each horse's eyes to check on his or her spirit, hoping to connect, deep down. I savored every moment and lost all track of time. These experiences shaped where I now live and how I spend my time.

Thirty years as a graphic, then web, designer taught me to find the human connection below the surface of even the driest business subjects. Now, as a fine artist, I shoot and edit my images solely to emphasize the connection.

My muse is the orphaned horse I rescued in 2006. A lonely, frightened, biting mess, he shouted with his body language after being disregarded for so long. To stay safe, I had to stay focused, but my artist eyes wanted to gawk and my child's heart just wanted to connect.

Natural horsemanship training either brought out his defensiveness and resistance or made him shut down. Finally, we found our connection at liberty. By allowing him his freedom and a voice in what we did together, he began to engage and trust. This remarkable change in attitude inspired me to create art of horses only at liberty, emphasizing the beauty in each horse's energy, attitude, expression and physical detail. For me, this is their magnificence.

Behind this magnificence is a fragile sentience that can shut down quickly when training methods force a "discipline" in a human time frame. Horses speak so clearly with their bodies that I am compelled to listen with my art and children's books.

I like to share who horses are, more than what they have been trained to do, and hope my art inspires horse lovers to connect with their innate magnificence.

Nature surrounds us with magnificence—not just in horses. I am inspired by what I see as Nature's metaphors for the human experience. Her sweeping vistas grab my attention but her astounding details hold it. The way she combines colors, textures and lines soothes my soul and quiets all mind chatter for me.

I hope my art of Nature offers you a similar relaxed attentiveness, emotional renewal or rejuvenation—everything I associate with happy place feelings.

Please take advantage of my free tips to create an on-demand happy place in your home. After creating my own home haven, I can promise you you'll love the difference it makes inside your home—and inside you.

P.S. Each purchase from this site will benefit a horse rescue or nature conservancy organization. If any of my ideas spark an idea or a question or a special commission request, please click the button below and let's...

...and now. Photo by TriMood Photography

...and now. Photo by TriMood Photography