Michelle Twohig
art to bring your happy place inside


Graphic/web designer turned artist.
Fly fisher turned horsewoman.
Always been in awe
and in love
with nature and horses.

Cultivating stillness in a busy world through art
 ...and helping people
create havens in their homes
as on-demand happy places.

"Please, puhleeeze can we find some horses?" was my routine request when my family went on vacation. Being with horses, surrounded by mountains, was my happiest of all happy places. In my little girl way, I looked below the surface of each horse—right into his eyes—to check on the vitality of his spirit. I had to connect, down deep, in some way. I savored every moment, losing all track of time, along forest trails, whether I was on a horse or not. These experiences became my criteria as an adult for choosing where I lived and how I spent my recreational time.

Thirty years as a graphic and web designer taught me to find the human connection below the surface of even the driest business subjects, so as a fine artist, I naturally looked for the connection I felt to what I captured in my camera lens, then emphasize those elements in editing.

My muse showed up in the orphan horse I rescued in 2006 in my own neighborhood. Staying safe with him required me to stay focused in each moment, just to read and learn his body language. While my adult artist eyes gawked at every square inch of his detail, my child's heart looked for our connection.

I capture horses with my camera at liberty only, then edit my images to bring out the essential elements of each horse's unique and subtle beauty in energy, attitude, expression and detail—all the things a horse owner's heart loves. We only lose connection to these elements when our minds get busy or focused on doing more than being with our horses. 

I find Nature's most amazing design elements in her details—patterns in a slice of a scene, color combinations in a single species or curves in adjoining petals. While Nature awes my eyes, she fills my heart with metaphors for the human experience.

Everything I create is inspired by its subject's ability to inspire and rejuvenate me. If my art doesn't reflect your happy place or could use some details added in a grouping on your wall or desk, my hope is to inspire you to create your own art that keeps you mindful of your happy places in Nature. Together, we can remain inspired to take care of our planet—one happy place at a time!
Please take advantage of my free home haven creation pdf to customize your perfect spot in your home (or office). Choose or create art that grabs you in some way with an energy, expression or metaphor for your life experience—something that touches you below the surface. You'll know when you feel the art connect to something important in you even if you can't describe what it is. When you bring this vitality into your home or office to soothe and rejuvenate, you create your on-demand happy place! 

Please, if you have any questions or a special commission request, I would love to hear from you!

TriMood Photography

TriMood Photography